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Why women in Bristol are going on 'strike'

For International Women’s Day this Sunday 8 March, feminist collectives in Bristol are putting on a “Women’s Strike”. The Cable has been following the event's organisers to learn about the personal stories and politics behind the action.

Unlocking the cells: Bristol's history of prison reform

I did time for tagging

People's History

The Bristol Reform Riots

October 1831 saw a blaze of anger and thirst for change in the city Over three days in October 1831, Bristol saw arguably the most important riot in British history.

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Photos: thousands march against austerity

People's History

Bringing the fight against apartheid to Bristol

Video: What impact for anti-austerity protest?

At the national demonstration organised by the People’s Assembly in London on Saturday 1st of July, the anti-austerity movement showed a resurgence.

Feminist library protestors "violently" evicted

Domestic violence campaigners have been “violently” evicted from Cheltenham Road Library.

Feminist library occupiers defiant after police visit

Domestic violence campaigners occupying the now-closed Cheltenham Road Library, are determined to stay put after a visit from the police and other unidentified individuals - one of whom made threats.

"We invite you to join us": Activists occupy Cheltenham Road library

Domestic violence campaigners have occupied the historic Cheltenham Road Library to protest a lack of social housing.

Nazis behind Saturday's far-right rally

Some neo-Nazis are expected to be in Bristol city centre this Saturday. Anti-fascist groups have called a counter-demonstration.

Breaking: Multinational bank backs down to local campaigners

Santander has been forced to back track on a controversial policy.

Hundreds meet to stand up to racism

“We need to organise so we are the biggest voice.”

Fascists plan demo in Bristol

March has backing of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson

Hip Hop Hijabis: "Muslim chick with an itch to spit skits"

Bristolian Muslim rappers Sukina Douglas and Tanya Muneera Williams are “proud to be from a place of resistance.”

Famous slave trader celebrated in Bristol again

Protests against Edward Colston celebrations continued yesterday as official birthday event marked the end of a fortnight of celebrations and fundraising.

I chose the way that speaks truth

An exiled Sudanese journalist tells her story of political repression, exile and integration

Black Lives Matter is an emergent force in the UK

The movement from the US is challenging today’s racism is all its forms, and can be just as relevant on this side of the Atlantic

From cockfighting arena to protected green space

A history of a small hill in St Werburgh’s

A long overdue victory

A story of one Bristolian’s struggle against the giants of the construction industry

Black Lives Matter Bristol: behind the scenes

Around 1,000 people marched through Bristol in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday. Edson Burton, one of the organisers of the march,...

Bristol's Chilcot campaigners have work to do

Thirteen years ago more than a million activists gathered in central London to resist the invasion of Iraq, yet despite the sheer volume of the outcry, it fell upon deaf ears. Now, after more than a decade, we have the Chilcot Inquiry report on the war.

Students and University in battle over high rents

Bristol University is being accused of shutting out applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, after an announcement that rents in halls will be raised from the next...

Judge finds against Avonmouth housing rights occupation

Council granted right to evict housing activist protesters from council home auctioned last month.

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