Your Bristol Life

Listen: Henrietta Lacks by Daniel Edmund

Your Bristol Life is a new series of five podcasts shining a light on underrepresented aspects of Bristol's history. This BCfm series was made with the Bristol Cable, Bristol History Podcast and In The Dark.

Editorial: 5G coronavirus conspiracy theorists are attacking the Cable

‘The contagion of misinformation and a Bristol Facebook page linking 5G and coronavirus’

Bristol and Beyond

5G rollout raises urgent questions about high-frequency health impacts

As Bristol experiences 5G mobile phone technology for the first time and conspiracy theories abound, science writer Andy Extance looks at the technologies risks and benefits. 


‘Science is a public service, and we should be doing it in the public eye’


Medical research in Bristol violates international transparency guidelines

Chronic fatigue syndrome, Bristol University, and controversial science

Certain treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, or ME, have pitted patients against researchers, and scientists against scientists – amid furious clashes on the validity of landmark studies into the condition.

Solar Tree Roots Out Social Inequality

A solar energy tree project sees local artist, energy consultant, science museum, and drug and alcohol support service collaborate to address social inequality and environmental sustainability.

Communicating climate change uncertainty

How can scientific study be told as a compelling human story?