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5 ways robots are changing our healthcare

With a leading robotics research hub in the city, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, partnering with local hospitals, Bristol is at the cutting-edge of robotics in healthcare.

5G rollout raises urgent questions about high-frequency health impacts

Artificial intelligence, robots, and the future of society: interview with Darren Jones


Opinion: Bristol's new phoneboxes could end up spying on you

Councillors should scrutinise plans to introduce phonebox replacements with potentially worrying surveillance capabilities.


Opinion: Engineers can't ignore social responsibility


Facial recognition: Bristol research could change the world as we know it

Bringing braille back from the brink

Braille literacy has been in dramatic decline. Yet in Bristol, users and innovators are joining forces to create technology to save it.

Hacking away at the problems

Positive news for a Friday: techies and people with experience as refugees create projects together in Bristol’s first Refugee Hack Day.

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