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Bristol still failing to shield young people from knife crime, police and council told

The fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Dontae Davis in Lawrence Hill sparked calls for more to be done to protect youngsters.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on if Drill music is driving knife crime with youth worker Darren Alexander

'This is how we can scrap crime without doing the time’

Coronavirus in Bristol

Lockdown through a child’s eyes in Bristol

Missing friends but enjoying rare time with family. Feeling cabin bound but not having to go to school. Lockdown for kids in Bristol has both upsides and downsides.

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Down but not out: Voices of young people excluded from school


'I have never experienced such intense stress': Social workers on the strain of cuts

'Children are being deprived of feeling part of their city'

Hartcliffe youngsters are campaigning for free bus travel for children.

Meet a young problem gambler hooked on computer games and scratch cards

George had a problem with gambling. He was 16 and hooked on computer games. 

Wellfest: Celebrating results day whatever your results

A-Level results day is here and young people all over Bristol are celebrating, commiserating and considering their options. Wellfest aims to help students celebrate the work they’ve put in this year.

Children's mental health spending amongst worst in the country

Politicians speak of the need for ‘parity of investment’ in mental health services but this is not the reality for children or young people in...

A troubled generation? Discussing youth mental health

“I walked into the conference with the cynical belief that the mental health crisis of my generation was inevitable but came away with a clear...

"Expect prejudice, but never accept it"

The landscape is changing for Bristol’s LGBT+ kids, but they need support