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AdamAdam Cantwell-Corn

Operations & Media

info (at) thebristolcable.org

Twitter: @AdamC_Corn

Phone: 07729124080 (Available via Signal and Whatsapp)

GPG fingerprint: A6AF EF88 D946 4847 60DB 50B9 58BF 57B4 B23A E4A4

I’m a co-founder of the Cable. If you want to talk about what we do on all areas from media, events, governance and education get in touch.


team-alonAlon Aviram

Operations & Media

alon (at) thebristolcable.org

Twitter: @AlAviram

Phone: 07552217361 (Available via Signal and Whatsapp)

GPG fingerprint: 0696 5631 EEFF 87EA BCE3 4BC1 C0B7 DC5C 5552 6BFA

I’m a co-founder of the Cable. Feel free to contact me confidentially with general inquiries, story ideas and tip-offs.

Hannah Vickers






Isy Schultz


finances (at) thebristolcable.org



DeanIsobel Tarr

Membership outreach and engagement

isobel (at) thebristolcable.org

Twitter: @TheBristolCable



LornaLorna Stephenson


lorna (at) thebristolcable.org

Twitter: @lornastephens0n



LucasLucas Batt

Distribution and Data

lucas (at) thebristolcable.org

GPG fingerprint: C8D4 4BA4 92E0 D02F 3BF2 7D90 367C 6DE4 BF5D EECA

Twitter: @l_ucasbatt


matMat Alborough


mat (at) thebristolcable.org

GPG fingerprint: 0287 0484 02C9 4507 B82D DFA5 1B44 5062 6B96 6F96


I am a co-founder of the Cable and interested in web and tech related issues.

Matty Edwards