AdamAdam Cantwell-Corn

Operations & Media

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Twitter: @AdamC_Corn

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I’m a co-founder of the Cable. If you want to talk about what we do on all areas from media, events, governance and education get in touch.


team-alecAlec Saelens

Operations & Media

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Twitter: @alecsaelens

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I am a co-founder of the Cable. My interests are doing and supporting investigative journalism and media co-op development.


team-alonAlon Aviram

Operations & Media

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Twitter: @AlAviram

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I’m a co-founder of the Cable. Feel free to contact me with organisational inquiries, story ideas and tip-offs.

team-beaBea Oliver


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DeanDean Ayotte

Cooperative Development & Photographer

dean (at)
Twitter: @Dean_Ayotte

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I primarily work on growing & developing the cooperative. I am also interested in photography at the Cable as well as writing about mental health and workers rights.

DeanIsobel Tarr

Social Media

isobel (at)

Twitter: @TheBristolCable


KoelKoel Mukherjee


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Twitter: @koelpmukherjee

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LornaLorna Stephenson


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Twitter: @lornastephens0n



LucasLucas Batt

Distribution and Data

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Twitter: @l_ucasbatt

matMat Alborough


mat (at)

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I am a co-founder of the Cable and interested in web and tech related issues.

NelsMariangela (Nels) Veronesi


events (at)
Twitter: @of_urbanity

I am interested in how events can provide spaces for sharing experiences, explore and learn new things, have fun and build a community. Get in touch if you have an idea for an event!

Sid Ryan


sid (at)
Twitter: @FOIA_Fighter

I’m interested in how policy is made and who ends up paying for it. Contact me if you’ve got stories about local developers, the local council or the NHS.


YaxYasmin (Yaz) Aston-Patel


membership (at)