Monthly members’ meeting:

Our monthly members’ meeting is the main regular point of contact for the membership. Each month we gather to discuss the latest financial and membership updates and discuss strategic and political issues for the Cable. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other members of the co-operative.

We might discuss things like what stories we should report on, or if members want the Cable to campaign on certain issues. A Cable journalist will also give members a ‘behind the scenes’ exclusive presentation on how they investigated a story and answer questions. We also run activities which help us develop as an organisation, such as using participatory budgeting to create the budget that we vote on at each AGM. Monthly meetings are a place where members can suggest events or content, and volunteer to help out with different aspects of the Cable.

Meetings happen on the first Monday of each month (usually), and more details can be found here.


Our main source of income comes from membership. Currently almost 2,000 people contribute an average of £2.70 a month. Anyone can join the co-op from £1 a month on a one person, one vote basis.

We need to keep growing to build a sustainable organisation that can pay all the people who bust a gut making it happen!

The money goes towards:

  • Publication costs – 30,000 free copies every quarter distributed to over 650 locations city wide.
  • Workshops & events – from free quality workshops to big public gatherings, these are an essential part of the Cable‘s community activity.
  • Payment of the Cable‘s co-ordinator team and contributors whenever possible.
  • Office rental and other running costs.

The Cable is always working towards the principle of paying all contributors and organisers.

As of the Cable‘s 2016 Annual General Meeting we have introduced a budget for the payment of co-ordinators, on an equal and flat rate. The incredible support of volunteers has been invaluable to the co-operative, and the Cable is committed to moving towards paying all contributors.

Other income comes from advertising in the print edition, regulated by an ethical advertising charter determined by members. See our advertising page for more information.

We have raised further funds through crowdfunding and grant awards:

  • £1,500 from The UK federation of co-operatives, Co-ops UK, August 2013.
  • £3,300 raised in a crowdfunding campaign, April 2014.
  • £1,500 awarded by Lush cosmetics in April 2014.
  • £5,000 from the Moondance Foundation, in March 2015.
  • £6,500 grant from NESTA, and have completed a programme to develop our audience analytics capacity, August 2015.
  • £80,000 from the Reva and David Logan Foundation, over two years, January 2016.
  • £100,000 a year for two years from the Omidyar Network
See our accounts here:

Financial Summary (AGM 2017) – Profit / Loss Infographic

Annual Financial Report 2015-16 – Cable Accounts to March 2016

Annual Financial Report 2014-15 – Cable Accounts to March 2015

Impact and Transparency reports:

Each quarter, the Cable co-ordinator team produces an impact and transparency report for our members and supporters that gives an overview of membership growth and financial information. It will also describe any impact that the Cable has had in Bristol and beyond. We believe that this is an important task for us as a democratic co-operative, to keep the membership in the loop with up-to-date information so they can guide the Cable‘s future. For more information on any aspect of these reports, please contact 

Annual General Meeting minutes:

Each year during our AGM, our members debate and vote on a variety of issues, including our annual budget, our overall focus for content and who sits on our Board of Directors. Our last AGM was attended by over 120 people, so it was a lively night! Our AGMs are held every year in March/April.

See our AGM round ups: 2016, 2017 and 2018


You can find the minutes for our AGMs here:

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