Monthly Members Meeting:

Our monthly members meeting is our main regular point of contact with our membership. Each month we gather to discuss the latest financial and membership updates, discuss strategic and political issues for the Cable (such as whether to have politicians as writers or whether members want us to campaign on certain issues), and also run activities which help us develop as an organisation (such as using participatory budgeting to create the budget that we vote on at each AGM). Monthly meetings are also a place where members can suggest events or content, and volunteer to help out with different aspects of the Cable.

Meetings happen on the first Monday of each month (unless announced otherwise), and more details can be found here.


In between monthly members meetings we also use an online platform called Loomio that members can use to initiate and take part in debates over the direction of the coop and vote on any issues that arise that can’t wait for a members meeting.

If you are a member and would like to join us on Loomio please contact Dean Ayotte, Co-op Development Coordinator, at membership (at) to be added.

Impact and Transparency Report:

Each quarter the Cable coordinator team will produce an impact and transparency report for our members & supporters that gives an overview of membership growth and financial information as well as impact that the Cable has had in Bristol and beyond. We believe that this is an important task for us as a democratic cooperative, to keep our membership in the loop with up-to-date information so they can guide our future. For more information on any aspect of this report please contact Dean Ayotte, Co-op Development Coordinator, at membership (at)

Following changes to our membership management system, we will now produce data for the transparency reports quarterly. The next report will be published towards the end of January 2017.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes:

Each year during our Annual General Meeting (AGM), our member’s debate and vote on a variety of issues, including our annual budget, our overall focus of content and who sits on our Board of Directors. Our last AGM was attended by over 120 people, so it was a lively night! Our AGMs are held every year in March/April.

You can find all of the minutes for previous AGMs here:

Other Documents: