Director’s Role Description


(Note: The Board of Directors is titled the Admin Board to better reflect its function.)

Co-operatives are legally required to elect a board of directors. To ensure democratic accountability, directors have limited executive power but provide an added level of scrutiny within the co-operative. As is the case with all co-operatives, the general membership- namely you- retain the ultimate power, holding the capacity to elect and un-elect all officials within the co-op.

Directors do not play an executive and operational role in the day to day, but function as an advisory group for oversight and consultation on longer term planning of activities and strategies. The role involves quarterly meetings and ongoing consultation and advice according to the needs of coordinators.

Election Process

Since our first AGM in march 2016 broad range of people put themselves forward to join the board, offering a wide set of skills and experience. A review of the board of Directors took place at our last AGM in march 2016 and the membership present was invited to elect the new Directors through a majority vote.

stamp-made possible by co-opElected directors


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In no particular order:

Mike Jempson

Credit: Anais Furtade(since 2015)

I am a journalist, author & trainer and Hon Director of the journalism ethics charity MediaWise . I also teach as a senior lecturer at the University of  the West of England.


Tessa GleesonTessa Gleeson

A long-time Bristol resident currently studying on the year-long Shift course in Practical Sustainability and working as a Note-taker in numerous lectures at UWE. I hope to assist by sharing insights as well as my past contacts and trainings of group-work skills.

Noelle RumballNoelle Rumball

Noelle has spent most of her career defining and measuring success in the public sector, but has also spent some time doing freelance social policy research for think tanks and academics.

VincentVincent Baidoo

(since 2015)
I started my first company when I was 15 and continue to run social enterprises to this day, as a Transmedial Producer and Consultant I hope to bring something unique to the Bristol Cable.

Abdi MohamedAbdi Mohamed

I have years of valuable experience in project development, management, teaching, training and community development. I currently am Project manager (and co-founder) at Somali Media Group and Manager of a supplementary school.


JoanneJoanne Ball

I have a range of experience in broadcast TV; my films have won awards and been screened at venues and festivals around the world. I also worked on ground breaking participatory media and education web projects, trained community and campaign activist groups, and young people in video production which explains my ardent support for the Cable.

AdamAdam Cantwell Corn

As a co-founder of the Bristol Cable I have been intensely involved throughout. From the early days of turning up unannounced to community groups and individuals with nothing but an idea and an A4 piece of paper, to now having the involvement of many people. I want to continue to see my role as deep in this day to day of strategy and implementation – from the bigger picture to the agonising detail.

DelroyDelroy Hibbert

I am a Project Manager for a St Pauls-based charity Full Circle which provides projects for young people and families in the community. I support and will work to ensure The Bristol Cable continues its unique commitment to giving voice to all sections of our city and provides the training as well as the vehicle to get their stories heard.

ElizabethElizabeth Mizon

I am currently a significant member, and organiser, of two local media co-operatives and co-director of the Bristol Radical Film Festival (BRFF). I am particularly excited to be a co-director of the Bristol Cable since the democratisation of media and devolution of media power is of huge interest to me already.

me2Drew Rose

I have 20 years experience in social and environmental justice campaigns. In 2003 I helped found The Cowley Club, a cooperative social centre in Brighton, which I co-coordinated for 7 years. Since completing a MA in Literature at the University of Bristol I have been actively involved in developing The Bristol Cable.

Matthew StrangeMatthew Strange

I am the Director of the Jam Jar; a creative and social project at the Old Malt House in Easton and over the last three years we have developed into a diverse organisation, offering cultural events, creative services and material support to start ups or organisations in need of assistance.

Legal Edge 03.09.2013Robert Triggs

After a languages degree, I trained as a lawyer. I advise on environmental/sustainability/climate change issues and renewable energy/low carbon projects. A vibrant journalism focused on the protection of the public interest is central to a healthy, democratic and reflective city and I wholeheartedly support the values and objectives of the Bristol Cable.