From St Pauls to Syria: Why this young woman and Kurds in Bristol are struggling for justice from afar

We spent the morning with a Kurdish activist struggling for peace and justice in north eastern Syria

Masculinity and my Black male experience

The biggest problem with a stereotype isn’t that it’s false but that it’s the only story being told.

Ice Cream Slavery Case Investigations Banner Home Page

Revealed: An anti-slavery court order was made against local boss Lopresti. Here’s evidence it may be being breached

Ideas And Action

Breaking the chain of alcoholism

Bristol And Beyond Reports

Activists block Filton arms companies to protest Turkey’s invasion of Syria

Bristol History Podcast Podcast

Bristol History Podcast: Everyday Life in the Early Modern West Country

Interviews Fight For Fair Air

‘If the water was killing hundreds of people every year, there would be an outcry’

Reports Ideas And Action

Getting arrested in the name of the planet

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‘I have never experienced such intense stress’: Social workers on the strain of cuts

Ideas And Action Opinion

The initiative shaking up sex-ed in Bristol


‘Children are being deprived of feeling part of their city’

Edition 20 Interviews

Charmaine Lawrence: Rapper, entrepreneur, activist

Edition 20 Voices

Diary of a learning disabilities nurse

Co-op Community

2019 Annual General Meeting


The latest struggle within the Labour party matters to everyone

Edition 20 Banner Home Page People's History

The tragic story of Hannah Wiltshire and a Bedminster Workhouse resonates today

Banner Home Page Edition 20 Housing Bristol

Housing coops: a landlord you can trust

Voices City

Music learning is fading out from schools. We’ll lose more than the screech of recorders.


‘From climate to jobs, there is no justification for Bristol airport expansion’

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The Alternative South West Rich List

Public interest journalism is expensive, takes time and can be risky.

But powering Bristol’s media co-op isn’t.

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Dark Arts: a true crime series

Dark Arts is a tale of private investigators, corruption, political pressure, Pakistani heroin and a mansion in the Somerset hills revealed over three parts in a new Cable true crime series.

Revealed: Patients denied treatment by local NHS

GPs and clinical specialists are worried about patients being turned away because of local NHS policies.

Episode 4: Tattoo parlours, nightclubs and firebombs – how businesses were blackmailed

In the last episode of the Cornerman, the Cable lifts the lid on protection rackets from London to Bristol, revealing how local businesses were forced to pay gangsters for security.