Opinion: Unconscious bias training won’t end police institutional racism

When it comes to police racism, is it the case of a few rotten apples or do we need a new barrel altogether? Sam Kidel...

Bristol History Podcast // Lucienne Boyce on History and Historical Fiction

This week Tom Brothwell meets with acclaimed historian and historical fiction writer, Lucienne Boyce. They discuss the history of the women’s suffrage movement in Bristol,...

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Policewoman who Tasered Ras Judah found not guilty of assault

City Reports

Latest eviction threat by Hamilton House owners rebuffed by council


PC Claire Boddie on trial for tasering Ras Judah: the story so far

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Private probation companies are sending more people to jail. But not for committing crimes

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Voices: “Why we’re shouting the names of Kurdish fighters from the rooftops of arms companies”

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Airbus factory occupied by friends of Bristolian killed in Syria by Turkish military

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Should strip clubs be banned?

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“Parks aren’t there for making money”

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#MillionsMissing: the campaign for ME equality

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Among the trauma and the bullshit: Thoughts of a black social worker

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Council blocks second planning application to redevelop Hamilton House

Ideas And Action

WATCH: simple steps to fight fake news

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Why we became Bristol Cable members (and why you should too!)

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A rapper has made a track to #bootoutbailiffs

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Another blow for Filwood, as 80-year-old community centre fights for survival

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Bristol MPs back plans for music venue champion

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“I owed £1. Bailiffs and the council forced me to pay £311″

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Watch: Gary Younge on the power of stories


Revealed: NHS staff in Bristol are being worked until they’re sick with stress

In the 70th year of the NHS, an investigation by the Cable reveals that those who care for the nation are in need of serious attention.

We’re launching a campaign to stop the council setting bailiffs on Bristolians. Here’s why.

Using muscle to collect debts is as old as money itself. But the Mayor and Bristol City Council must use fairer and more effective ways. It's time to #bootoutbailiffs.

Council properties flogged to secretive offshore companies

Twenty-eight properties owned by Bristol City Council are being leased to companies based in secretive tax havens, an investigation by the Cable reveals.