Opinion: The re-tendering revolution is eroding our public services

Disruption of care, risky transition periods and dangerous cost-cutting reveal a broken commissioning cycle. However, an alternative is possible.

Alcoholics in Bristol are trialing MDMA therapy

The UK’s first ever clinical study using MDMA has started in Bristol, in a landmark moment for the use of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapy.

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Co-op Community Series: Inside The NHS

NHS members’ meeting: Tapping into our membership

Ideas And Action

Community action around the city

City Opinion

Opinion: Bristol’s new phoneboxes could end up spying on you

Reports Bristol And Beyond

Massive response to Bristol councillor’s petition for Windrush-era citizens

Ideas And Action Co-op Community

Watch: An event to tackle the pale, male and stale media

Reports City

Protesters claim victory in blocking “illegal” eviction

Boot Out Bailiffs Voices

“I was chased by bailiffs and the council for a debt I never owed”

Features City Series: Inside The NHS

Meet the volunteers easing pressure on the NHS

Banner Home Page Series: Inside The NHS Investigations

Revealed: NHS staff in Bristol are being worked until they’re sick with stress

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Stillbirth: a grief like no other

Reports Boot Out Bailiffs

Ministry of Justice announces crackdown on ‘rogue bailiffs’

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Council awards new youth services contracts two months late

Boot Out Bailiffs Investigations

Revealed: Tory financiers are cashing in on the bailiffs used by the council

Reports Bristol And Beyond

National report slams police ‘digital stop and search’ following Cable investigation

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We’re hiring: Digital Technical Lead (Part time)


Opinion: Surveillance Britain, nothing to fear? Think again

Reports Ideas And Action

‘Low impact’ advertising in parks to be considered despite public opposition

Co-op Community Boot Out Bailiffs Banner Home Page

We’re launching a campaign to stop the council setting bailiffs on Bristolians. Here’s why.


Council properties flogged to secretive offshore companies

Twenty-eight properties owned by Bristol City Council are being leased to companies based in secretive tax havens, an investigation by the Cable reveals.

Campaign: stopping IMSI-catcher surveillance

The Cable is launching a national campaign calling for police to come clean on IMSI-catchers, and to ban this intrusive technology.

Brits most ‘stopped and checked’ for immigration crimes they can’t commit

Data suggests racial profiling in 11 major UK cities.