Clean Air Plan: two options, no answers

Council finally outlines two clean air plan proposals, but fails to produce analysis to back up its chosen options.

Tiny homes: ‘An innovative way of getting people to accept less’

Tiny homes are popping up in Bristol, with the council even bypassing its own policy to permit miniature flats. But as a solution to the housing crisis, this approach could do more harm than good.

Co-op Community Ice Cream Slavery Case

Members’ meeting: Behind the Lopresti ice cream investigation

Podcast Bristol History Podcast

Bristol History Podcast: Natural History of the West Country

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Ken Macharia not detained after asylum refusal


Communities standing up: college students, skaters and migrant mums


Star and Garter reopens, as communities fight back against threats to Bristol nightlife


Photos: Shutting down Broadmead to protest the environmental impact of fast fashion


Photos: A Vibrant Youth

Reports City

Calls to take control of Bristol’s buses as First sell-off announced


Photos: The faces of Bristol’s Grand Iftar

Co-op Community Ice Cream Slavery Case

Members’ Event: Behind the Lopresti Ice-cream Investigation

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Exclusive: Two Bristol activists helping build a new society in Syria

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Opinion: Council tax is grossly unfair. It’s time for a rethink

Opinion Housing Bristol

Zero rough sleeping in Bristol by 2027: fantasy or reality?

Ice Cream Slavery Case

Bristol Cable members set the news agenda – BBC air Lopresti slavery investigation

Ice Cream Slavery Case Banner Home Page

Finally exposed: How Lopresti ice cream boss kept men in slave-like conditions, tenants and families in squalor. But people spoke out.


European elections: why it matters even though it doesn’t feel like it

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In Hartcliffe antisocial behaviour is about more than young people acting up

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Meet Kerry, the Hartcliffe community activist on a mission


Dark Arts: a true crime series

Dark Arts is a tale of private investigators, corruption, political pressure, Pakistani heroin and a mansion in the Somerset hills revealed over three parts in a new Cable true crime series.

Revealed: Patients denied treatment by local NHS

GPs and clinical specialists are worried about patients being turned away because of local NHS policies.

Episode 4: Tattoo parlours, nightclubs and firebombs – how businesses were blackmailed

In the last episode of the Cornerman, the Cable lifts the lid on protection rackets from London to Bristol, revealing how local businesses were forced to pay gangsters for security.