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Coronavirus in Bristol

Marcus Smith delves into why so many people of different stripes are distrustful of the vaccine in this Cable short documentary

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The Bristol Briefing: Almost a third of Bristol adults given first Covid jab

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Neil Maggs

Bristol City FC and the highs and lows of the beautiful game

Big appointments, fan dissent and the trials and tribulations of covering Bristol City FC with Bristol Live’s dedicated club reporter, Gregor MacGregor.

Cost of Bristol Beacon refurb more than doubled

The refurbishment cost has more than doubled, partly because of a huge number of unforeseen structural problems.

'Colston 4' to stand trial at Bristol Crown Court on 13 December

The protestors have pleaded not guilty and their lawyers say they will ‘fight these criminal charges vigorously’.

The working class academic fighting to overturn wrongful convictions

He once called budding defence barrister and future labour leader, Keir Starmer, a “numpty” and hasn’t calmed down since

We're hiring: Video journalist

'Fossil fuelled public sector pensions reveal deep political faultlines on climate crisis action'

Analysis: Budget bust up between Labour councillors and mayor over council house rent freezes

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on the ‘war on woke’ and can patriotism be inclusive with St Pauls Carnival director, LaToyah McAllister-Jones

Bristol and the Climate Crisis

Campaigners accuse Marvin Rees of not protecting Bristol’s mature trees

Despite promises to clean up Bristol’s illegal air quality and double the city’s tree canopy by planting new trees, mature trees continue to be cut down.

Green shoots of hope: Climate solutions from around the globe


The Bristol residents caught up in the cladding crisis and left in the lurch by the government

housing Bristol

Housing in Bristol under Marvin Rees

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Taking a deeper look at the issues affecting Bristol

Dark Arts

Avon and Somerset police to be sued over botched art heist investigation

The main suspect in Britain’s longest running murder investigation is seeking damages following his acquittal over the stolen art collection of cider baron and former Tory MP Esmond Bulmer.

Whose life to save? Investigating the ‘do not resuscitate’ form coronavirus controversy

Too many Bristol teachers are leaving the profession. They tell us why.

Amid funding cuts and increased pressure to produce high grades, teachers are leaving the profession, while pupil numbers grow.

Bristol’s ketamine dealers: trapped in luxury

Falling into it, dealing with your own habit- quitting dealing can be just as hard as giving up a drug addiction.

Revealed: NHS under fire for steep increase in charging migrants for healthcare

Evidence suggests vulnerable people who should get free healthcare are being forced to cough up, while others are being chased by bailiffs.

Ice Cream Slavery Case

Revealed: An anti-slavery court order was made against local boss Lopresti. Here’s evidence it may be being breached


Revealed: Thousands of kids are being put in isolation, fuelling schools debate

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Coronavirus in Bristol

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Going behind the headlines on the biggest story of 2020.

The Bristol Briefing: Initial Covid-19 surge testing results 'very reassuring'

Bristol's infection rate and hospital admissions have continued to fall on the eve of the government announcement on our route out of lockdown next week.

Beloved Bristol brewery forced to ask for crowdfunding to stay afloat

Dawkins Ales, which also owns popular Bristol pubs, is calling for help from local people to save the business from falling victim to Covid-19.

Bristol parents say employers are wrongly classing them as keyworkers to get their kids into school

Physical attendance in schools is higher this lockdown, and parents say it's partly because they're being pressured by employers to send their children in.

Coronavirus in Bristol

Local delivery app launches to ‘save’ Bristol’s independent bars and restaurants

The app will be an alternative to Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, putting money back in the pockets of business owners fighting to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Bristol council and organisations demand equal vaccine access and end to healthcare ‘hostile environment’ for migrants


Mutated Covid variant found in Bristol no more infectious or dangerous, health experts say

11 cases of the mutated form of the Kent variant have been found in Bristol but it's thought to be no more infectious or dangerous than its parent, according to health experts

New Covid vaccine trials – a guinea pig speaks out

Bristol Unpacked Podcast

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Listen: Bristol Unpacked on campaigning for transparency at the council with recently retired Green councillor Clive Stevens

Bristol's struggle to reach net-zero carbon with council cabinet lead on climate, Councillor Afzal Shah

Getting emotional giving covid jabs, and ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in some groups, with Bedminster pharmacist Ade Williams

Staying married after gender transition and the dispute over transgender rights


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Watch: Could Covid Kill Bristol Rovers?

Watch: "I SEE" a poem to inspire and outrage, by Solomon O.B

“This is a movement, not a moment” : Watch Solomon OB’s performance of his poem “I SEE” written in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer

Watch: Vulnerability, escapism and creativity, my experiences of lockdown as a young Bristolian

Lockdown left young people in the city feeling stranded, dislocated from their usual connections. Here, a young aspiring writer reflects on school, writing and the new sense of self-confidence that grew over those months