Only one rogue landlord prosecuted for illegal eviction in four years

In the past four years Bristol City Council have only successfully prosecuted one landlord for illegal eviction.

Listen: David Goldblatt on Putin, politics and #worldcupfever!

Award winning football author, David Goldblatt, delivered a fascinating talk on Putin, politics and football.

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Infestation in Avonmouth: Return of the flies…

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Banjo Island: the close-knit community behind the reputation

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Bristol History Podcast // Bristol and the Civil War

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Photos: thousands join Bristol’s Grand Iftar Ramadan celebration

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Learning not to abuse your partner

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Exclusive: Former coppers, including undercover, exposed in police data blunder

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Artificial intelligence, robots, and the future of society: interview with Darren Jones

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Cable members continue to shape a new media for Bristol

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“He said that he was nearby, and was going to come over and take my things”

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Inside the UK’s first ever city centre drug testing facility- in the heart of Bristol

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I did time for tagging


Iconic Bristol Bearpit billboard removed


Reactions to council’s new proposals on van dwellers

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Artists pushed out but fighting back: YardArts Village


Revealed: NHS staff in Bristol are being worked until they’re sick with stress

In the 70th year of the NHS, an investigation by the Cable reveals that those who care for the nation are in need of serious attention.

We’re launching a campaign to stop the council setting bailiffs on Bristolians. Here’s why.

Using muscle to collect debts is as old as money itself. But the Mayor and Bristol City Council must use fairer and more effective ways. It's time to #bootoutbailiffs.

Council properties flogged to secretive offshore companies

Twenty-eight properties owned by Bristol City Council are being leased to companies based in secretive tax havens, an investigation by the Cable reveals.