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Hundreds of Bristolians face landlords with an ultimate legal power. But a rebellion is growing

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Idles: the Bristol band making it big talk music, masculinity and mental health

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Saffron Records: the all-womxn project breaking open the music industry

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People block developers profiting from Bristol’s housing crisis

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The fight is on to prevent Lawrence Hill gas power station

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W.G. Grace’s Sports Surgery Podcast: Future of UK and Bristol athletics

Reports Moving On: Racism Against Travellers

In the UK today, just being a Traveller is bad for your health

Co-op Community

Why we go beyond flash in the pan reporting

Addicted Bristol: Life And Death Co-op Community

How we got people talking about drugs in Bristol

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‘Essay mills’ offering dissertations for sale

City Voices

St Werburghs First World War soldier forgotten. Until now, 100 years after his death

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How witness intimidation threatens us all

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Man Up/Man Down: Talking black men and identity crises

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‘I’m sober now but without support, self-medication is always an option’


‘Investigating Arron Banks isn’t undermining Brexit, but protecting democracy’

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Bristol Brexit millionaire Banks lied to parliament about his campaign, say whistleblowers

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The far-right bomb maker who wasn’t charged with terrorism offences

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Unlocking the cells: Bristol’s history of prison reform