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Struggle for trans health equality

This series will look at issues affecting local trans communities, driven by people’s lived experiences.

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The problematic past of the Merchant Venturers

Struggle for trans health equality

‘She was just left to it’: bereaved mother slams mental health care before death of her trans daughter

Family of Alexandra Greenway, who died in 2019, say she was let down by unfit and under-pressure NHS services, and by a ‘trans-blind’ approach that leaves people’s needs unmet.

Edition 23

Air pollution close to pre-lockdown levels as battle for solutions hots up

The mayor and council have changed their mind, and want to reduce air pollution without charging drivers, but critics are calling time on yet more delays.

Police intelligence links disappearance of Linda Millard to gangland murders

Black History Month

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Black History Month

‘You need to see yourself’: tackling the national curriculum’s overwhelming whiteness

“Put yourself into their shoes for a moment.” Aisha Thomas, the assistant principal at City Academy in Easton, is explaining how the national curriculum is...

Listen: Bristol Unpacked, with Zakiya McKenzie on Black in the green movement and why people shouldn't be so polite

Misunderstood and excluded: How to build mental health services fit for diverse communities

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Neil Maggs

Poet Lawrence Hoo, on decolonising education, and if he's now in the establishment

As part of the Cable's Black History Month coverage, Neil and Lawrence talk about the renaming of Colston Hall to Bristol Beacon, how education and the arts are key to building positive paths for young people and the role a poet plays in the political process of the city.


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Taking a deeper look at the issues affecting Bristol

Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Another private mental health ward for children has closed. Now Bristol has no residential beds.

The second ward closure at the Priory Hospital Bristol in two months because of staffing problems has left Bristol temporarily without any residential beds for children. MPs, charities and a parent speak out.

Revealed: The true story behind the closure of privately-run mental health ward at Priory Bristol

A police informant says he was let down, now his life is in danger

Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Revealed: Failures in care for man who took his life at private mental health unit

Dominic Vickars was just 25 when he died while at Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke in Weston-super-Mare, a private hospital part-funded by the NHS. Using evidence from the inquest and accounts from his family, we tell the story of how he was let down.

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The Bristol Cable is not just a publisher, it's a community of 2,000 people

Inside: Bristol's Private Mental Health Services

Inside: Private mental health services in Bristol investigated

Frontline workers and families speak out as the Cable investigates why private sector involvement is growing and what impact it’s having on people in Bristol.

The Bristol Cable AGM 2020

Co-op Community

Launching an events calendar to amplify Bristol's communities

We’re launching a calendar to help Bristolians find out what's on with community and social events.

Editorial: After Colston, now to tear down structures of racism, including in the media

Bristol Unpacked Podcast

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Extinction Rebellion activist Chloe Naldrett, on getting arrested and where next for XR

Paul Smith, the council’s housing boss, and how a socialist can be ‘credible’ with developers

Desmond Brown on knife crime, the justice system and being called a ‘police informant’

Headteacher Sam Williamson on education in one of the UK’s most deprived areas

Coronavirus in Bristol

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Going behind the headlines on the biggest story of 2020.

Ideas and Action

Not all heroes wear capes. Many wear PPE. NHS staff protest for fair pay

Nurses and junior doctors say they have been left out of public sector pay rises for too long.

'My insight into the Covid-19 testing fiasco in Bristol'

Inside Bristol schools during a new academic year like no other

Coronavirus in Bristol

Frustrated and ignored: Meet people excluded from Covid-19 financial support

Three million UK taxpayers have had no access to the government’s Covid-19 support packages. Excluded Bristolians say they have been left struggling and feeling angry.

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Inside Bristol’s civil rights powerhouse

The idea of sharing a home across generational divides is having a come back

Cops need to come clean on predictive policing of 250,000 people

How to heat your home, save cash and the planet