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The Bristol Cable is shaking up local journalism, reporting on the stories behind the headlines and putting Bristolians in charge of their media.  

No barons or hedge-funds, we are powered by over 2,000 members who all have a say and own an equal share in their media co-operative. This means we publish stories that matter to the public not big business, uncovering wrongdoing and injustice in our city as well as diverse voices and compelling ideas. 

Accurate and impactful journalism that engages our communities and holds power to account is expensive, takes time and can be risky. Thanks to the support of our members, media in the public interest is free for all to access in Bristol.

We print a free quarterly magazine, with a circulation of 30,000 copies – delivered to thousands of homes and hundreds of venues in Bristol. Original stories are regularly published online, digging into major and under-reported issues and offering fresh insights.

Beyond just publishing, the Cable delivers free media training through our Media Lab course with award-winning journalists, and year-round member events. In doing so, Bristolians are equipped with the skills to report on important issues to them and have a platform to publish on.

Meanwhile, at our monthly and annual events and online members have a direct say in their media, get behind-the-scenes access to our investigations, meet the team, and have a say on the editorial and business direction of the Cable. So far, over 1,400 people from all walks of life have benefited from our journalism courses and events.


2000+ people have joined the Bristol Cable helping to sustain their local media, holding power to account and amplifying local voices. You can too!

Foundation support and crowdfunding has been invaluable to the Cable as it moves towards financial self-sustainability.

Philanthropic supporters:

  • £1,500 awarded by The UK federation of co-operatives, Co-ops UK, August 2013.
  • £3,300 raised in a crowdfunding campaign, April 2014.
  • £1,500 unrestricted award by Lush, April 2014.
  • £5,000 awarded by Moondance Foundation, March 2015 for Media Lab 2017.
  • £6,500 awarded by NESTA, August 2015 for audience analysis project.
  • £80,000 unrestricted award by the Reva and David Logan Foundation, over two years, November 2015.
  • £6,500 awarded by Joseph Rowntree Reform Foundation, February 2017 for police surveillance campaign.
  • £150,00 plus £35,000 match funded unrestricted award by the Reva and David Logan Foundation, over three years, November 2017.
  • £200,000 unrestricted award by the Omidyar Network over two years, January 2018.
  • £5,000 awarded by the Centre for Investigative Journalism for Media Lab 2018.

Income is also generated from advertising in the print edition, regulated by an ethical advertising charter determined by members. See our advertising page for more information.

Main expenditure:

  • Publication costs: 30,000 free copies every quarter distributed to over 650 locations city wide
  • Workshops and events: from free media training sessions to big public gatherings and democratic meetings
  • Payment of the Cable‘s co-ordinator team at the just over the Real Living Wage (£10 per hour) and contributors at competitive freelance rates
  • Operational and overheads costs
  • Member and public events

See our accounts:

Infographic summary of our finances presented to the 2019 AGM

Infographic summary of our finances presented to the 2018 AGM

Infographic summary of our finances presented to the 2017 AGM

Annual Financial Report 2017/18

Annual Financial Report 2015/16

Annual Financial Report 2014/15

Annual General Meeting minutes:

Each year during our AGM, our members debate and vote on a variety of issues, including our annual budget, our overall focus for content and who sits on our Board of Directors. Our last AGM was attended by over 120 people, so it was a lively night! Our AGMs are held every year in October.

See our AGM round ups: 2016, 20172018 and 2019

You can find the minutes for our AGMs here:

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