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No hedge-funds or barons, the Bristol Cable is owned by 2,000 local members, which means we publish stories that matter to the public, not big business. Journalism that looks out for you is expensive, takes time and can be risky. But joining Bristol’s media co-op isn’t!

Members power quality media in the public interest – keeping it free for everyone in Bristol to access. The Cable’s 2,000 members get free or reduced access to media workshops and events with award-winning journalists, part of a fascinating line-up of speakers. Members are invited to attend monthly socials, with behind-the-scenes access to investigations with journalists, wand a chance to hang out with other co-op members!

And of course, members are invited to get involved in steering the Cable’s editorial and business direction. But don’t worry it’s doesn’t take much time, and there’s always drinks and snacks on the co-op!

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The Cable’s readers are also its community correspondents, the eyes and ears on the ground, and most importantly, its story tellers.

If you’ve got a local issue you want to cover, or a story you want to share, you can work with our community media coordinator and media team.

We’ll explore the best way to tell your story with you, whether that be co-creating media content with the Cable team, or providing support so that you can produce it yourself.

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a man sits reading the cableThe Cable works with freelancers both on an ongoing basis and on one-off commissions.
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