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Bristol City Council

Fight For Fair Air Reports

Government piles pressure on mayor over dirty air

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Lawyers are threatening action over council’s “seriously flawed” clean air plans

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Extinction Rebellion may have dominated the headlines – but controversial debates are afoot in City Hall too

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Opinion: Council tax is grossly unfair. It’s time for a rethink

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Bristol doctors on air pollution: ‘The council isn’t taking things seriously enough’

City Investigations

Revealed: How the council flogged off public land in the face of austerity

Addicted Bristol: Life And Death Reports Banner Home Page

Revealed: Council shelves study into safe consumption rooms after restructure

Reports Fight For Fair Air

Air pollution action debated in Council’s budget-setting session

Edition 17 Opinion

Opinion: Mayors need to listen to communities

City Reports

This is the company set to profit from an arena in Filton

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Two survivors of domestic violence face homelessness, prompting calls for investigation

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The council is taking on one of the biggest banks in the world

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