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Help create the Cable’s next campaign // Monthly Members’ Meeting

  • Following recent successes in Bristol Cable campaigns, we’re inviting members to help shape our next campaign.

    At this month’s members’ meeting we’ll be looking back at our past and current campaigns – what worked, what didn’t – and discussing together what would make a great next Cable campaign.

    Members and people interested in becoming members welcome!

    We’ll also be supplying free snacks (samosas!) and refreshments.

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    – Talk, Q&A, and discussion with Cable journalists behind our recent campaigns:

    Housing transparency now: The successful call to make Bristol one of the handful of councils who publish sensitive documents used by property developers to avoid providing affordable housing.

    Boot out Bailiffs: The successful call on the Mayor and all political parties to commit to investigating alternative methods of collecting council tax, and begin a complete phase-out of the use of bailiffs.

    Police snooping transparency: A national campaign to get the police and Home Office to come clean on the technology that snoops on your mobile phone, with a recent victory in a legal case brought by Privacy International.

    – What would make a great next Cable campaign? Group discussions about what change we’d like to see the Cable campaign for in Bristol.

    – An introduction to the Cable and updates from the Cable co-op


    Contributors’ Corner: Have an idea for how to contribute to the Cable? Need someone to look over your work? Chat with a member of our Media Team.

    Don’t worry if you’re a member and can’t make it! While we hope this will be an evening of interesting discussion and great ideas, and we hope to see you there, we’ll be feeding back our discussions to all members to give everyone an opportunity to have a say.

    We plan on ultimately inviting members to vote online on what campaign we should run.

    Arrive from 6pm for 6.15pm start. Late-comers welcome! We always have spare seats at the back.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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