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Watch: One year since Colston fell

Priyanka Raval speaks to anti-racism campaigners on the year since the Edward Colston statue was toppled, and questions whether the controversy surrounding it helped the movement – or simply unveiled divisions within the city.

Colston's empty plinth

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  • Ghost of kingwood free miners says:

    Interesting article. True, now colstons statue has gone the issues of classism and structural racism, and others, still remain. Because the same system and institutions of power remain.
    Like the youth said (though im no supporter of the manipulation/knees up that folllowed colstons toppling), after fake rumers that the cenotaph was going to be vandalised were spread in some of parts of south bristol (probably Tommy Robinsons/yaxley lennons deep states and merchant mates manipulating youths again with offers of free booze, like the nf used to try do in the 80’s/90’s here), i agree that hunger in Bristol exists in every housing estate, its the nature of this state and capitalist system we are living under. Bristol coropration (They used to be the officail corporate dictatorship of the city in the past)/merchant ventuereers/Bristol city council, central government are still the enforcers of division, inequality, power, privilege and control and always will be unless resisted. They are responsible for injustice against the working class bristolian population ( past and present), as well as creators and profiteers from the barbaric trade of African people, indentured Asian, English, and Irish servants. Spreading their brutal tentacles of industry and capitalism all over the globe, inspiring their allies to do the same. Profit and control is their motivation. Its impossible and pointless liberally trying to reform these and other institutions. Resistance and direct action, much like during transatlantic slavery and the plantation system, are good tools, and always remain an aching thorn in the side of ‘our’ masters. Thats why the colston 4 are in the dock, and others following kill the bill demos, and other rebels worldwide that have fought back, because they represent a threat to old and new institutions of power. A threat that for centuries refuses to go away.

  • Robin Hope says:

    I first stumbled over the Merchant Venturers, through a front charity they had used to buy up farmland outside a village boundary in rural Northamptonshire and were attempting to get planning permission to build 450 houses. When I probed deeper they started using some very dirty tactics. These people are part of a much bigger group that silently and invisibly shape our lives to make vast fortunes for themselves and hide behind charitable work to appear to have great probity.

  • Patrick says:

    Thanks for the video. I noticed the mention of the Alfred Fagan bust, alluding to the idea it was attacked. However the Bristol Live we site reports it was a “well intentioned act that went wrong”. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/local-news/bleach-attack-st-pauls-statue-4500305.amp

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