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LIVE: Bristol general election results, as Greens win Bristol Central and Labour gains seats off Tories

General Election 2024

Bristol general election results 2024: Labour will be looking to take seats off the Tories on the edge of Bristol in the general election, while the Greens have their eyes on Bristol Central.

Scroll down for live updates from our reporters at the four general election counts in and around Bristol.

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It’s a clean sweep for Labour in seats on the edge of Bristol, as Liam Fox narrowly loses his seat in North Somerset. Labour candidate Sadik Al-Hassan was elected after winning by less than 650 votes.

That means the electoral map in and around Bristol is entirely red, except for Bristol Central going Green.



And he’s gone! Jacob Rees-Mogg has lost his seat in North East Somerset and Hanham, which Labour’s Dan Norris ends up winning by a comfortable margin of more than 5,000 votes. The Tory vote share fell by a whopping 25 percentage points, with swings to not just Labour but also Reform, who came third.



Another comfortable hold for Labour in Bristol North West as Darren Jones is re-elected. Also another safe Labour seat where the Greens have increased their vote share and secured second place.



Labour’s Kerry McCarthy holds onto her seat in Bristol East despite a strong surge from the Greens.


Jubilant scenes from Bristol Central



Filton Bradley Stoke on the edge of Bristol was a target seat that Labour failed to win in 2017 and 2019, but this time they’ve managed it comfortably. Claire Hazelgrove is elected and Tory MP Jack Lopresti loses his seat.



Bristol’s new seat has been won by Labour’s Damian Egan, with the Greens in a distant second place. This result was expected but it’s an impressive majority for Egan, who grew up in the area and recently won a by-election in neighbouring Kingswood after being Mayor of Lewisham in London.



In the most anticipated result in Bristol, Carla Denyer has managed to defeat Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire to become the UK’s second ever Green MP, prompting jubilant scenes at the election count.

It’s a thumping victory for the Greens who have ended up winning by more than 10,000 votes, which is an astonishing swing from Labour.



In the first local result of the night, Karin Smyth has been re-elected as the Labour MP for Bristol South for the third time. This was always going to be a safe Labour seat.

Labour’s vote share fell with the Greens and Reform UK gaining ground, pushing the Tories into fourth place.

First results now imminent

Our reporters are poised as a number of results are now imminent. We have been told that Thornbury and Yate, Filton and Bradley Stoke, and Bristol East are all to be announced very soon. But we’re still waiting…

Turnout is down

We haven’t got confirmed turnouts for all the seats we’re looking at tonight, but for so far it seems turnout is down across the board, including in North East Somerset and Hanham, Filton and Bradley Stoke, Bristol South and Bristol East.

Rees-Mogg is on the scene

Tory bigwig Jacob Rees-Mogg has just arrived at the count for North East Somerset and Hanham. He could be in trouble tonight and will be looking to defend his seat from Labour’s Dan Norris in a rematch of the 2010 election. The exit polls said this one was too close to call.

The right-wing MP got a pretty lukewarm welcome as he rocked up. Could this become the 2024 Portillo moment if Rees-Mogg loses his seat?

Cable journalist Priyanka Raval reporting live from Bristol’s main count

It’s Matty here, taking over from my esteemed colleague Eliz, who has done a sterling job of bringing you updates in the early part of the night.

It’s now four hours since the exit polls, so the coffee is on. But fear not, we’re actually not that far off from the first results from in and around Bristol.

Our reporter Priyanka Raval is at the count down in Brislington where three results could be announced in roughly an hour’s time next hour. The seat to watch is Bristol Central, which, according to the exit polls, will see Carla Denyer become the UK’s second ever Green MP.

Thangam Debbonaire reluctant to do interviews

Bristol-based ITV correspondent Richard Payne has tweeted that a representative of Thangam Debbonaire tells him she wont be giving any interviews:

Sean Morrison talks to the Greens’ Tony Dyer

Our reporter Sean Morrison has caught up with council leader and Green councillor Tony Dyer at the City Academy counting hall:

What will the rest of our general election coverage look like?

It’s been a long few weeks! But it’s not over yet. Tonight, we’re reacting to all the updates as they happen. But what will we be doing tomorrow?

By the time you’re, hopefully, fully rested tomorrow morning, our reporter Matty Edwards will have put together an article outlining the Bristol general election results in full. Following that, our team will be publishing a Debrief podcast, bringing you our full reaction and analysis by tea time.

For anyone flagging and thinking about heading to bed, we’ll see you back here in this morning. For anyone pulling an all-nighter with us, *clinks energy drink can*.

Local journalist Adam Postans relaunches his ‘crispometer’

Local reporter Adam Postans, a Local Democracy Reporter based at Bristol Live, received a fair amount of interest in his ‘crispometer’ during Bristol’s recent local elections.

For the Bristol general election results, he’s relaunched his unique method of election data visualisation to help us understand the changes as predicted by the exit poll results.

Adam is at the Thornbury count alongside our very own Alex Turner, with a crispometer result showing that Jack Lopresti, represented by cheese and onion, is set to lose a considerable number of seats to Labour’s Claire Hazelgrove (ready salted).

Exit poll shows an almost certain loss for Conservative Jack Lopresti

The Ipsos UK exit poll says there is also a 99% chance that Jack Lopresti, who has held the Filton & Bradley Stoke seat since 2010, will lose it to Labour’s Claire Hazelgrove.

Giacomo “Jack” Lopresti is a relative of Salvatore Lopresti, who you may remember from an award-winning 2019 Cable investigation:

Expected timings for Bristol general election results

When will you know who your next MP is going to be? Here are the timings for all the upcoming Bristol general election results:

  • Bristol Central – 3:15am
  • Bristol East – 3:30am
  • Bristol North East – 3:45am
  • Bristol North West – 3:45am
  • Bristol South – 3:30am
  • North East Somerset and Hanham – 4:30am
  • Filton and Bradley Stoke – 5am
  • North Somerset – 5am

The Cable team is reporting for duty

The first messages from our Cable reporters on the ground, attending counts in Brislington, Redfield, Thornbury and Bath, are coming through:

The Ipsos UK exit poll shows an almost certain win for the Greens’ Carla Denyer

Sky News’ exit poll, performed by Ipsos UK, reports that Bristol Greens’ Carla Denyer has a more than 99% chance of winning the Bristol Central seat.

Denyer is the co-leader of the party, and would be unseating current Shadow Culture Secretary Thangam Debbonaire, who has held the seat (previously Bristol West) since 2015.

Again, we will have to wait for the final Bristol general election results in the early hours, but this is undoubtedly a pretty wild development.

…and a 47% chance that Jacob Rees-Mogg will hold his seat in Hanham.

Exit polls predict that Jacob Rees-Mogg has slightly more chance of losing his seat in the constituency of North East Somerset and Hanham, than he does of keeping it.

He is facing off with Labour’s Dan Norris, who has been the Metro Mayor of the West of England Combined Authority, and therefore responsible for, among other things, Bristol’s bus system.

The exit poll predicts a new seat for the Green Party…

It’s no secret that the Green Party has pitched Bristol Central as a favourite seat for this election. Bristol Green candidate Carla Denyer has not only been receiving the attention of Bristolians, but also making national headlines around the country since polls as far back as last year showed her the favourite to win.

The exit poll predicts a result of 2 Green MPs – presumably, that would mean the existing Green seat, Brighton Pavilion, would hold under new MP Sian Berry, and the election of Carla Denyer.

But, to find out how close the exit poll is to the result, we have to wait until at least 3am.

The first exit poll is out!

The UK’s 40,000 polling stations have now closed and the first exit poll has been published. It looks as though the leading predictions were right: Labour are predicted to win in a landslide victory, with 410 seats in total. This would mean a rise of 209 seats, and a majority of around 170.

326 seats are needed to win.

Welcome to the Cable’s general election night live blog!

Hi, it’s Eliz Mizon here from Bristol Cable HQ, as we prepare to report the Bristol general election results live as they come in through the night. We’re now half an hour away from the close of the UK’s 40,000 polling stations.

If final polls are correct, in just a few hours time it appears the Tories will be unceremoniously booted out of power after 14 chaotic years. Through the coming hours, we’ll be bringing you all the key developments in Bristol and beyond as ballots close and are counted. 

We’re attending counts in Brislington, Redfield, Thornbury and Bath covering the following seats:

  • Bristol Central
  • Bristol East
  • Bristol South
  • Bristol North West
  • Bristol North East
  • Filton and Bradley Stoke
  • Thornbury and Yate
  • North East Somerset and Hanham

Bristol general election results, for seats in and around the city, aren’t expected until about 3am onwards with some predicted to come as late as 5am.

But we’ve got you covered until then, with reactions to the exit polls, the need-to-know info on the seats to watch out for, and live reporting from our crack team of four reporters at counts across the region.

Break out your stimulant of choice — let’s go!

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