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This is how many Bristol rough sleepers will be 'removed' from UK

Documents obtained by the Cable show the council plans for removing immigrant rough sleepers

Revealed: Council already reporting homeless to Immigration Enforcement

Joint operations between the council and Immigration Enforcement have been ongoing for at least two years

Drug use epidemic at HMP Bristol highlights prison system failings

Employees and experts speak out about the causes of declining conditions.

Campaign: stopping IMSI-catcher surveillance

The Cable is launching a national campaign calling for police to come clean on IMSI-catchers, and to ban this intrusive technology.

Brits most ‘stopped and checked’ for immigration crimes they can’t commit

Data suggests racial profiling in 11 major UK cities.

Council to work with immigration enforcement to deport rough sleepers

New funding targets individuals for detention.

Medical research in Bristol violates international transparency guidelines

Research by TranspariMED and the Bristol Cable shows the university fails to meet requirements to publish medical trial data.

Factory farms: Six-fold increase in Gloucestershire and Somerset permits since 2010

Intensive farming has rapidly expanded across the UK in the last decade. The Cable takes a look at the south-west picture.

The sting: private investigators and spying on fracking and trade union activists

One firm shuts down its websites nationwide after hearing about this Cable investigation.

Growing scandal at Lopresti ice creams. Council yet to act.

“I regret I was not one of the persons brave enough to face them when it happened to me and another two members of my...

Exclusive: Ice cream wage scandal

Investigation into prominent local business reveals gross underpayment of minimum wage.

The NHS is in ‘a desperate state’, can it be saved?

This long-read on the NHS looks at how our local NHS services are doing, and the latest news on the the ‘plan’ to save the...

Half a billion to shareholders, next to no affordable housing for Bristol

A developer that made £1 billion in profit after tax in 2015 (yes, you read that correctly) is wriggling out of affordable housing obligations in...

Bristol University working with the surveillance state

From maths to computer science, GCHQ has its tentacles in Bristol University.

Chinese state is behind a zero affordable housing development in Bristol

And they’re “minimising” taxes.

How the ‘housing crisis’ is a crisis of policy, profiteering and politics

Housing development policy is marked by secrecy and misleading definitions. But can it be pushed back?

The offshore companies and billion pound corporations stealing Bristol’s homes

Four recent major applications reveal a picture of profiteering from the housing crisis

The bankers & offshore companies behind Easton housing development

From Wall Street to Greenbank

Revealed: Developer’s huge price hike and outdated profit calculations

Controversial development set for decision on Wednesday as campaigners step up fight

The sinkhole beneath our schools

Bristol’s education system is struggling because of poorly planned and hopelessly optimistic private finance initiative contracts.

Institutional racism in one graph?

Why are Britain’s own citizens proving so interesting to Immigration Enforcement officials?

Exclusive: Fracking protections at port not as claimed by former mayor and council

Investigation raises questions over safeguards against future oil and gas exploration.

Police remove documents following Cable investigation

But they’ve been downloaded here… “The longer the policy of denial of existence of these capabilities go on, the worse it is for police, citizens,...

Revealed: Bristol’s police and mass mobile phone surveillance

Evidence points to Avon and Somerset Constabulary and five other forces having bought devices that can spy on thousands of phones at a time...

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