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Ideas And Action

Rising up to open opportunities in the arts

Ideas And Action Reports

Watch: Do mandem need feminism?

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“He said that he was nearby, and was going to come over and take my things”

Bristol And Beyond

Voices: “Why we’re shouting the names of Kurdish fighters from the rooftops of arms companies”

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Should strip clubs be banned?

Banner Home Page Boot Out Bailiffs

A rapper has made a track to #bootoutbailiffs

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“I owed £1. Bailiffs and the council forced me to pay £311″

Banner Home Page Boot Out Bailiffs

The Labour councillor calling time on council bailiffs

Boot Out Bailiffs

“I was chased by bailiffs and the council for a debt I never owed”

Bristol University lecturer: ‘Why I’m going on strike’

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Watch: This Bristolian (and a toy fox) fought ISIS


Listen: Debating diversity in the media

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