Dont knock EastEnders, it has important lessons for us all

A social worker justifies their not-so-guilty pleasure.

“You are definitely not alone”: Using art to tackle the teenage mental health taboo

Teenagers and youth charities have collaborated with the Cable on this series of illustrations on mental health

Pride against all odds

A culture of disbelief towards LGBT asylum seekers means the safety and acceptance provided by support groups like Bristol Pride Without Borders is vital.

Suffering in silence: mental health in Black communities

Why do we have a culture of silence around mental health, and how do we end it?

Opinions: Working isn't working

A counsellor challenges the current political agenda on work and the government push to get people into jobs under the guise of a health intervention.

Schools cuts: the silent voices of teachers

Stress, redundancies, lack of respect for the profession, the impact on children... teachers speak out about the impacts of most severe school cuts they've ever experienced.

School cuts: From within the classroom

A sixth former argues that the current school cuts will fail future school students – and society will pay the price.

Discontent, despair and anger: responses to the Tasering of Ras Judah Adunbi

Desmond Brown encountered strong feelings when he asked local people to respond to the Tasering of Ras Judah, a 63-year-old black race relations adviser in Easton.

"Are you sexually confused?": Prejudice in mental health services

"You're sexually confused": Historically, LGBT+ people have been treated appallingly by mental health professionals and institutions, and the situation is still problematic today, says Luke Carter.

Discussing the ‘Age of Anger’ with author Pankaj Mishra

What are the roots of current global crises, and how can we find hope in an age of instability and rage?

Catastrophic thinking, with author Robert Muir-Wood

The author of ‘The Cure for Catastrophe: How we can stop manufacturing natural disasters’ met up with one of the Cable Media Lab at Bristol...

My journey with fossil fuels divestment

“My divestment journey has involved collaborations with literally thousands of other people”

Housing: Talk is turning into action

It’s not often we can report positive news about housing. But last night’s Big Housing Conversation (Round 2) provided precisely that.

SURVEY: Neighbourhood partnerships cuts. Are you affected?

Neighbourhood Partnerships, the council-led forums for residents, community groups, council, police and local businesses, are facing massive cuts. Do you think they’re a vital democratic...

Forget the vinegar, the real reek is inaction on glyphosates

Forget the vinegar, the real reek is inaction on glyphosates...

Children with ME need relevant science, not pressure to do more, more, more

An advocate and campaigner living with ME explains why she opposes Bristol University’s trials on children with the condition.

TIGER tackles sexism in Bristol schools

A co-operative is empowering young people to challenge and speak out about gender inequality.

Dear Bristol, let's have a conversation (and get off the fence)

“We have to be the ones to make the change, now is not the time to be on the fence about things.”

"You have to change things": Interview with leading investigative journalist

The Bristol Cable invited Meirion Jones, the Investigations Editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to talk.

Breaking: Uni body votes to divest £3 million in fossil fuels

Motion to withdraw investments will pile pressure on executive.

Bristol Uni: Don't waste opportunity to divest from climate change

Public institutions must live up to social responsibilities.

Hip Hop Hijabis: "Muslim chick with an itch to spit skits"

Bristolian Muslim rappers Sukina Douglas and Tanya Muneera Williams are “proud to be from a place of resistance.”

Opinions: Re-imagining the PRUs

Last edition, we investigated the surge in pupil exclusions from Bristol’s schools. Daniel Fox argues that ‘pupil referral units’ are an untapped resource to support vulnerable young people.

That "naked man" was my friend

On Monday 24th October, my friend died by suicide. Sam Beckenham, affectionately called Sammy B by many who knew and loved him, took his own...