Off the streets and into the ring

Bristol’s inner-city boxing clubs are teaching lessons that reach beyond fitness and footwork

Hate crime: Bristol's survivors and statistics

“It’s a sign of the times,” Tariq* said to his daughter, trying to explain to the 12-year-old why her school mates won’t sit next to...

Bristol's DIY communities

Community and self-build projects can play a small but important role in tackling the housing crisis

You need the Cable and the Cable needs you!

Our 2016 favourites: Cable features

Here’s a selection of the best features the Cable has produced over the last year.

Opinions: If it ain't broke don't demolish it

Members of the newly formed Sorting Office Revisioning Team group (SORT) argue that the development of the Temple Meads site should truly reflect the needs of Bristol residents and the environment

The beating heart in IKEA car park

Hidden away in the shadow of IKEA, the Eastville Social Club is still serving local communities.

Let there be cake: Sunday service at Bristol’s godless church

It’s been a few years since I went to church, so one Sunday I did – sort of. The monthly Sunday Assembly at the Trinity Centre, like most churches, offers singing and readings, inspiring sermons and quiet reflection.

From cockfighting arena to protected green space

A history of a small hill in St Werburgh’s

‘We’re just as human as you’: one woman’s experience of being transgender and homeless

Bristol’s housing crisis means outreach services struggle to provide enough emergency accommodation, and homeless people scrape by on the streets.

A lifeline: Stapleton Road to Somalia

Stapleton Road, Easton: another corner shop selling snacks, drinks and fags. But this one, like hundreds across the UK, doubles up as an international banking terminal.

The Faces of Old Market

As the face of Old Market is set to change, we take a look at some of the faces.

The best of Bristol news

In which we lighten up and take a little time out from reporting on the bad and serious stuff going on in our fair city...

DIY Press: From conspiracy to community coverage

From yellowing pages of the 1960s to today, radical media reveals Bristol's history of alternative democratic engagement.

Taking back money and power: action in St Pauls

How the St Pauls Community Rights Project is working together for action and change.

Talking to fascists, reporting on fascism: join an online debate

Should we speak to fascists? An experiment in e-democracy at the Bristol Cable.

Wha’ gwan me babber?

Bristol’s annual quality of life survey yields some interesting results

Much more than small talk and a trim

A revered ritual. A rare and grudging trip for the mirror-shy. A Friday night ceremony before going on the weekly lash. Going to the salon or the barbers is more than just small talk and a trim.

"You think you can take on the landlords?!" We just did.

Bristol’s community union faces down violent threats from landlord to get the job done.

Saxon Road Gets Organised

The Cable speaks to Saxon Road Green Space about their campaign against the proposed power station and the fight for community-focused development.

Is your waiter fair-trade and ethically sourced?

Do we care if waiters and kitchen staff are “fair trade” or “ethically sourced”?

Growing your own veg, self and communities

...extends to education, skill-shares, wellbeing and many urban food growing schemes building inclusive communities within disparate neighbourhoods.

Solar Tree Roots Out Social Inequality

A solar energy tree project sees local artist, energy consultant, science museum, and drug and alcohol support service collaborate to address social inequality and environmental sustainability.

A must read

The Bristol Cable is one year old! Crowdsourced from the Cable's 450 co-op members, this edition’s theme centres around 'green' issues.