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Bristol care workers battle charity over ‘unfair’ pay for sleep-in shifts

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire: A refugee’s story of the fight for the right to work

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100,000 local people are being told investing in oil can avert climate change

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Major increases in fossil fuel investments despite pension fund ‘Responsible Investment’ efforts

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Bank robbery: the ‘theft of the century’ and a house in Fishponds

The Cable view: opening the surveillance state through collaboration

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Police forced to reveal info on mass mobile phone spying, following Cable investigation


Bristol Pride promise ‘positive way forward’ on arms sponsorship


Voices: “Why we’re shouting the names of Kurdish fighters from the rooftops of arms companies”


#MillionsMissing: the campaign for ME equality


Massive response to Bristol councillor’s petition for Windrush-era citizens

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Stillbirth: a grief like no other

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