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Struggle for trans health equality

In July, we published a story about the multiple challenges Covid-19 has created for trans and nonbinary people. Over the next few months we will run a short series looking at issues affecting local transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse (trans) communities, driven by people’s lived experiences. While focusing on healthcare, we hope the stories will help shed some light on what life is like for the people actually facing these issues, challenging the stigma and lack of information which often affect their public perception.

Steffi Barnett

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Neil Maggs

Staying married after gender transition and the dispute over transgender rights

Steffi made national news with her story of transitioning gender later in life to officially becoming a woman while deciding with her wife to stay together.

‘When you’re facing what feels like the ‘wrong’ puberty, it can seem like the clock is ticking too fast’

Parenting while Trans: Jacob's story

Struggle for trans health equality

‘Trans broken arm syndrome’: healthcare nightmare for trans people is about more than hormones

Content warning: body dysphoria, secondary sex characteristics This is part of the Struggle for trans healthcare equality mini-series, looking at issues affecting local transgender, nonbinary...

Struggle for trans health equality

‘She was just left to it’: bereaved mother slams mental health care before death of her trans daughter

Struggle for trans health equality

Writing on the wall: why trans and nonbinary people in Bristol are speaking out

Covid-19 brings difficult times for Trans people in Bristol as government expected to ditch reforms

Accessing trans healthcare was already a difficult and lengthy process and during the pandemic, it’s virtually ground to a halt. It comes as the government is expected to announce it has ditched plans to allow trans people to self-identify.

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