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Addicted Bristol: Life and Death

Revealed: Homemade Spice infiltrates Bristol prison

Drones, rampant violence and under-staffing as HMP Bristol struggles to deal with Spice problem.

Unlocking the cells: Bristol's history of prison reform

Private probation companies are sending more people to jail. But not for committing crimes


Revealed: ‘The most tradable prescription drug’ at HMP Bristol

The prison is trying to crack down on prescription drug pregabalin, as inmates either remain addicted or use it as currency.


Prisons: From ‘warehousing’ to workshops


Drug use epidemic at HMP Bristol highlights prison system failings

Jury finds a series of failings at Bristol prison caused the death of father-to-be

Callum Smith repeatedly self-harmed and threatened to kill himself but was not put on a suicide prevention plan. A report by law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Death at HMP Bristol: Family seeks answers at inquest

The family of a father-to-be found dead in his cell at HMP Bristol is hoping for answers at an inquest into his death. A statement...

Banged up in HMP Bristol

Adam Cantwell-Corn caught up with Governor of HMP Bristol, Andrea Albutt, and ex-con and prison campaigner, Ben Gunn, to find out whether one of society’s...

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