Image of Liam Meredith, a mentor at Key4Life charity (credit: David Griffiths)


‘I was a prisoner of my mind’: how a Bristol charity is helping to cut reoffending among young men

Key4Life, based in Easton, is helping to reduce youth reoffending in Bristol through an innovative rehab programme aimed at men under 30 who are leaving prison or at risk of going inside.

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Drones, rampant violence and under-staffing as HMP Bristol struggles to deal with Spice problem.

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Revealed: ‘The most tradable prescription drug’ at HMP Bristol

The prison is trying to crack down on prescription drug pregabalin, as inmates either remain addicted or use it as currency.

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Could education and training for prisoners help solve the crisis at HMP Bristol?

Drug use epidemic at HMP Bristol highlights prison system failings

Employees and experts speak out about the causes of declining conditions.

Jury finds a series of failings at Bristol prison caused the death of father-to-be

Callum Smith repeatedly self-harmed and threatened to kill himself but was not put on a suicide prevention plan. A report by law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Death at HMP Bristol: Family seeks answers at inquest

The family of a father-to-be found dead in his cell at HMP Bristol is hoping for answers at an inquest into his death. A statement...

Banged up in HMP Bristol

Adam Cantwell-Corn caught up with Governor of HMP Bristol, Andrea Albutt, and ex-con and prison campaigner, Ben Gunn, to find out whether one of society’s...