Seven months on from deadly Avonmouth explosion, no news from company or authorities

As official enquiries continue, Wessex Water’s own internal company investigation will reportedly be completed in two weeks. It is not expected to be made public.

Amazon agency warehouse workers allege being underpaid and shifts cancelled last minute

The Avonmouth explosion was horrific. But it wasn’t unprecedented.


How trade unions are responding to the Avonmouth tragedy

Trade union reps have swung into action since the tragedy at the Wessex Water plant, while tributes poured in for the four people who died.

Coronavirus in Bristol

The Bristol Briefing: Avonmouth explosion victims named, as Covid cases continue to fall


Avonmouth fly infestation: cries for council tax strike

Infestation in Avonmouth: Return of the flies…

Avonmouth residents are blaming the local waste plant after their homes were infested with flies, again... but the council says there’s no problem.

Controversial waste plant gets final go-ahead after council error

Environment Agency grants permit despite local opposition based on pollution fears.

‘Pollution knows no postcode’ – Cable members in Avonmouth chat dirty industry

We’ve been covering dirty industries in Avonmouth. This month’s meeting saw people from the neighbourhood discuss the issue.

Avonmouth: Controversial industrial plant given green light by Environment Agency

Residents angry after Environment Agency announces at an inquiry it is “satisfied” the incinerator waste plant should be given permit to operate.

Fate of controversial Avonmouth industrial plant to be decided

Council ‘error’ leaves waste processing plant’s future down to Planning Inquiry.

Council face barricades and fail to evict Avonmouth protesters

Occupiers of 44 Avonmouth Terrace are still in situ, as council eviction order expires.