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Clean Air Plan: two options, no answers

Edition 19 Features

Communities standing up: college students, skaters and migrant mums


Photos: Shutting down Broadmead to protest the environmental impact of fast fashion

Fight For Fair Air Reports

Controversial gas power station refused at development committee

Bristol And Beyond Interviews

George Monbiot: ‘Bristol airport expansion is like a gun pointing at the heart of the planet’

Reports Fight For Fair Air

Planning officers recommend APPROVAL of St Philip’s Marsh gas plant

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Bristol doctors on air pollution: ‘The council isn’t taking things seriously enough’

Opinion Fight For Fair Air

Opinion: People of colour need to be included in Bristol’s environmental movement


Bristol Airport: young activists target investors


Bristolians are blocking Oxford Circus

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Opinion: Bristol’s leadership is failing to stop the city choking


Opinion: Our parks are under threat. They need legal protection.

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