Bristol and the Climate Crisis

Locked out of nature: Making Bristol’s parks accessible to Disabled people

Being outdoors is vital to our wellbeing, even more so during a pandemic, but for Disabled people, getting out into nature is harder than ever.

Hilda Cashmore: Pioneering social worker who founded Barton Hill Settlement

Power, personalities and PR: why this year could see the end of a mayor for Bristol

Bristol and the Climate Crisis

The chemistry detectives tracking down illegal emissions

Five years ago, Bristol scientists discovered illegal ozone-destroying pollution on the other side of the world. Their findings prompted action – but they say the climate crisis demands better atmospheric monitoring.


Taking back control in a male-dominated industry


Laughing it off: how comedy can aid recovery from trauma

Bristol is exploring the idea of rent controls. But will they help fix a broken system?

Campaigners are demanding the city’s political leaders lobby the government for local power to introduce regulation in response to steep rent rises.

The Cable’s super helpful guide to renting…

Finding somewhere to rent in Bristol is tough, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you navigate the various challenges.

City Leap: a billion pound leap of faith towards net zero?

The ambitious plan for private sector investment in cutting carbon was recently delayed again. After the recent Bristol Energy fiasco, City Leap is set to come under even greater scrutiny.

‘Protest is the lifeblood of our democracy, and it’s under threat’

Raj Chada, a defence lawyer who represented the Colston Four, says prosecuting demonstrators is becoming a ‘reflex’ in the UK.

Why PE isn’t just about exercising – and needs protecting

Sports advocates say it’s more than exercise that kids are missing out on when sports are cut from school timetables.

Bristol Bears tackle the top spot

The women's rugby team is having a great season so far, with a new coach, a new training ground and a meteoric rise in the league table.