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Ideas and Action

Watch: Mandem don't cry. Right?

A Bristol based platform offers a unique space for young men of colour. MANDEM is a Bristol based independent online platform for men of colour, spawned through conversations on the lack of diversity in the media.

Another victory for campaigners on Bristol’s slavery legacy as momentum builds

Momentum is building in the struggle for how Edward Colston, and slavery itself, should be remembered in Bristol in 2017.

The Bristol Reform Riots

October 1831 saw a blaze of anger and thirst for change in the city Over three days in October 1831, Bristol saw arguably the most important riot in British history.

Victory for campaign as mayor scraps council tax changes

The plans would have hit 16,000 of the poorest households.

Watch: Together we can fight modern slavery

Animation ‘What do you see?’, by Sally Arthur, showing how modern slavery works in the UK.

Voice: Drug deaths - “It doesn’t need to be this way”

After the loss of her partner to drug addiction, Cara joined the campaign advocating for drug legalisation.

How this Barcelona group is building community power

An interview with the vice-president of the Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Barcelona

Watch: Battling for Bristol - Archives of social justice

A short documentary on Bristol’s history of social justice struggle.

Opinion: Creative solutions for the city’s van dwellers could be a win-win for everyone

A van dweller argues that community and council engagement could find solutions that suit Bristol’s diversity and tolerance.

Analysis: Bristol’s next move should look to Barcelona

 The Mayor and Bristolians can get inspiration in the struggle against the government.

Putting an end to the drug war and “the reign of terror”

Undercover cop-turned-drug reform activist Neil Woods talks about “the most important social justice issue of our time”.

Watch: Battle in the Countryside

A behind the scenes short documentary looking at Bristol Hunt Saboteurs, the animal rights activists who clash with hunters in a weekly battle in the...

Photos: Bristol Wood Recycling Project in search for new home

The Bristol Wood Recycling Project, an award winning social enterprise in the heart of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, has been issued a termination of...

Opinion: We need to fight council tax plans that hit poorest hardest

The short sighted and damaging plans need to be dropped and another way found, argues Anny Cullum an organiser for ACORN.

Opinion: Engineers can't ignore social responsibility

“If we are going to look with pride on how our tools make positive contributions to the world, we must also accept some responsibility for...

Listen: Powerful voices and stories of recovery from addiction

A selection of powerful stories of people going through recovery.

Facial recognition: Bristol research could change the world as we know it

Bristol Robotics Laboratory are developing a facial recognition system that could change the world as we know it.

Threats & suspect reviews as ‘TripAdvisor for tenants' takes off

We caught up with the founder of Marks Out of Tenancy, who’s in the business of ‘Hunting for rogue landlords’.

Eviction resistance at Camelot property

Campaigners celebrate after eviction of Camelot tenant is postponed by protest yesterday.

Collective re-organisation

In Bristol, people are turning to alternative unions like ACORN and the IWW to get their voices heard on critical issues such as housing and workplace inequality.

Beyond food banks: Solutions for feeding Bristol

Laurie King, from Sims Hill Shared Harvest, explains the need for a holistic approach to tackle food insecurity – and the projects, including Sims Hill’s...

Video: What impact for anti-austerity protest?

At the national demonstration organised by the People’s Assembly in London on Saturday 1st of July, the anti-austerity movement showed a resurgence.

Opinion: A thank-you letter to Bristol's young Labour voters

Greetings young comrades! (Can I call you comrade? Thanks!). As self-appointed spokesperson for Bristol’s long-time socialists, anarchists and communists, I wanted to write you a...

Woodcuts & Inks: Carving political messages

Old school printmaking processes are revived to produce campaign materials in the run up to the general election

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