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Drug poisoning deaths in Bristol remain near record levels

Bristol City Council is considering backing drug consumption rooms, which could stop users dying.

Will Self Interview: Rehab and Bristol’s "nasty" drug problem

After overcoming his own addiction, writer Will Self is back in rehab, this time to help keep it open.

Chandos House: Stories of recovery from Bristol’s last drugs rehab

Chandos House is threatened by closure. Former residents there speak out about how treatment got them clean.

Revealed: Bristol’s drug services dogged by problems

Bristol’s restructured drug and alcohol services are going “disastrously badly” in places, workers in the sector have told the Cable, fuelling concerns that drug users are being put at risk.

Has a new ‘Banksy’ appeared on Bristol drugs rehab?

It appears that the elusive artist Banksy might have lent his support to the rehab centre as it tries to raise money to avoid closing down.

Why are young people turning to prescription drugs?

The Cable speaks to John McGuirk, team leader and therapist at Off the Record, a mental health charity supporting 11-25 year olds.

Inside the UK's first ever city centre drug testing facility- in the heart of Bristol

As charity The Loop reduced harms by testing drugs at Love Saves The Day this weekend, Bristol also became the first place in the UK to offer city centre testing.

Opinion: The re-tendering revolution is eroding our public services

Disruption of care, risky transition periods and dangerous cost-cutting reveal a broken commissioning cycle. However, an alternative is possible.

Dependent drinkers in Bristol are trialing MDMA therapy

The UK’s first ever clinical study using MDMA has started in Bristol, in a landmark moment for the use of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapy.

Revealed: ‘The most tradable prescription drug’ at HMP Bristol

The prison is trying to crack down on prescription drug pregabalin, as inmates either remain addicted or use it as currency.

From drugs to Jiu Jitsu

With Filwood Community Centre threatened with closure, Knowle West residents reflect on the neighbourhood’s past, present and future.

Member spotlight: the Bristol activist battling Big Pharma

The Just Treatment campaign challenges the pharmaceutical companies charging the NHS rip-off prices for vital drugs.

Pregabalin: Bristol’s ‘emerging’ prescription drug problem

As pregabalin and gabapentin are liberally prescribed by GPs — and putting drug users at risk on the black market — the government is taking action.

Cultivating futures at the Severn Project

“Being part of the Severn Project I’m part of society. I was detached from society for a long time. A long, long time.”

Learning the legal hustle

Bristol-based project Street2Boardroom is ready to shake up the street and business worlds, but challenges lie ahead. “We can’t live in a society where people...

Drugs services: commissioning failure after funding cuts

Cuts make Bristol one of a growing number of local authorities who received no bids from service providers.

Listen: Powerful voices and stories of recovery from addiction

A selection of powerful stories of people going through recovery.

Drug deaths in Bristol sharply increase

What explains the rising rates of drug misuse fatalities, and how can the risks be reduced for Bristol’s population of drug users?

Warnings about new synthetic drugs deserve to be taken seriously

Governments have cried wolf about drugs in the past, but warnings about new synthetic drugs are justified.

A place to shoot up

How the UK’s drug policy is lagging behind other countries’ “Injection rooms for addicts to open next year in drug law change,” says Irish minister

My story: Getting back on my feet after alcohol

Cartoon: Getting back on my feet after alcohol

A silent mind’s view of Knowle West

Knowle West is a neighbourhood in south Bristol, home to 12,000 residents. Since its creation in the 1930s following slum clearance in the city centre,...

Going cold Turkey? Drugs & alcohol advice services severed

Community drug and alcohol advice services in Bristol are struggling to keep afloat and provide vital support to people facing the cutbacks of austerity. Words:...

A High Price? Bristol and the Global drug trade

Bristol is often seen as a leader in the movement for ethical and sustainable living. At the same time, free parties, raves and recreational drug use are also marks of the city. But how do these scenes interact? Are the ethical implications of drug use considered?

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