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“It’s not just about venues, but the culture of this country”: Fleece owner Chris Sharp

After the #SaveThekla campaign breathed new life into the conversation around protecting Bristol’s nightlife, the Cable spoke to The Fleece’s Chris Sharp, who’s seen it all

Explore and help us investigate the Bristol properties owned offshore

From major hotels and office blocks, to flats and single car parking spaces, hundreds of properties in Bristol are owned through companies based overseas. Most of these companies are based in tax havens, marked by secrecy and opportunities for dodging taxes or hiding the origins of their money.

Hundreds of Bristol properties snapped up by offshore firms

Local pubs, hotels, flats and cinemas are owned by companies based in tax havens.

NHS land sold off for housing that nurses can’t afford

Public land is being sold to developers – but the vast majority will be unaffordable for key workers.

First step towards planning law to protect nightlife from developments

The legislation that would stop venues being shut down by noise complaints has even received backing from Paul McCartney.

Calls for Bristol Night Czar to fight for city's nightlife

Nightclubs and music venues increasingly under threat from new developments, experts say Bristol can take a leaf out of London’s book. Photo: DHP Family

Bristol nightlife: This is how ravers and residents can live in harmony

With night-time venues under threat and struggling financially, policy-makers are pushing for policies to tackle the housing crisis without ruining Bristol’s beloved nightlife.

Opinion: Fitting that Bristol strikes at developers in week of Paradise Papers

Investigative journalist and member of the Tax Justice Network George Turner gives his take.

Finally: A victory on housing crisis transparency

A year later, the council have responded to calls to take on developers. Here is the Cable’s take. 

Opinion: Creative solutions for the city’s van dwellers could be a win-win for everyone

A van dweller argues that community and council engagement could find solutions that suit Bristol’s diversity and tolerance.

After Grenfell: what now for fire safety in Bristol?

what is being done in Bristol to improve fire safety after the Grenfell disaster?

Threats & suspect reviews as ‘TripAdvisor for tenants' takes off

We caught up with the founder of Marks Out of Tenancy, who’s in the business of ‘Hunting for rogue landlords’.

Eviction resistance at Camelot property

Campaigners celebrate after eviction of Camelot tenant is postponed by protest yesterday.

Collective re-organisation

In Bristol, people are turning to alternative unions like ACORN and the IWW to get their voices heard on critical issues such as housing and workplace inequality.

Voices: A view on van-living

Isabel Burnett speaks about her experiences living outside the traditional housing market – in a van parked up on the street.

The council is still not publishing secret documents on housing

As yet another zero-affordable development gets going, delays hold back transparency policy

Lettings fees ban: The lobbyists push back

Although the ban on tenant fees from lettings agents was hailed by many as a positive step forward for renters, the industry lobbies are gearing...

Property guardianship in Bristol 'has run its course', says cabinet member for housing

Council plans to end scandal-hit scheme will mean 150 people have to find a new home.

Carriageworks: New developer confirmed

But will the issue of a paltry 9% affordable housing remain? PG Group to meet public at community meeting tomorrow.

The legal case that could shape part of the housing crisis

We caught up with a Bristol lawyer to explain the significance

The community razed to the ground for a road that was never built

In the 1960s the council demolished most of Totterdown, in a planning disaster still remembered by Bristolians today.

The next stages of gentrification are upon Bristol

But can we take inspiration from cities that are rebelling against it with creative solutions?

Breaking: 100 “affordable” homes for Blackberry Hill development

Developer Galliford Try has agreed to include 100 "affordable" homes at the proposed 305 unit Blackberry Hill site in Fishponds.

Levelling renting's uneven playing field

A new Bristol-based service, Marks Out Of Tenancy, is giving landlords and letting agents the TripAdvisor treatment.

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