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Author: Arvind Howarth

Solutions in Bristol

Bristol: A city of solutions

There’s already so much great work being done across the city to find solutions. Here’s just a few ...

Grub's up: the projects tackling food poverty and social isolation

Stillbirth: a grief like no other


Fringe benefits: who are the ‘other’ candidates running for Bristol this General Election?

From painting Bristol’s cranes to look like giraffes, to parties proposing radical anti-austerity policies, what makes Bristol’s smaller parties tick? Arvind Howarth finds out.


Voxpops: how prepared are students for the general election?

The Eastern Telegraph Co.: System and its general connections. Chart of submarine telegraph cable routes 1901

Edition 2

Global Round Up

Ghosts at the Feast

Arvind Howarth looks at the experiences of rough sleepers in Bristol’s town centre

In Bristol

The essential round-up

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