Author: Arvind Howarth

Coronavirus in Bristol

'My operations were cancelled because of Covid. I'm still waiting in pain.'

Russell Pugh is one of many frustrated patients whose surgeries have been pushed down the queue since the pandemic began.

Grub's up: the projects tackling food poverty and social isolation

Bristol and Beyond

Stillbirth: a grief like no other

A Bristol charity helps families through the death of a baby. But what can we do to reduce the number of such losses?


Fringe benefits: who are the ‘other’ candidates running for Bristol this General Election?


Voxpops: how prepared are students for the general election?

Global Round Up

A short round-up of interesting events taking place around the world. Australia by Param Berg Lock the Gate Alliance is a non-violent resistance movement born of...

Ghosts at the Feast

Arvind Howarth looks at the experiences of rough sleepers in Bristol’s town centre