Author: Arvind Howarth

Local Elections 2021

Wielding the strength of the union: ACORN Bristol’s demands

ACORN asked its members: What kind of city do you want to live in? The result was a long list of demands.

'My operations were cancelled because of Covid. I'm still waiting in pain.'


Grub's up: the projects tackling food poverty and social isolation

We investigate the community projects grappling with Bristol’s growing food poverty.

Bristol and Beyond

Stillbirth: a grief like no other


Fringe benefits: who are the ‘other’ candidates running for Bristol this General Election?

Voxpops: how prepared are students for the general election?

As the UK approaches what looks to be a very close election, it looks like every vote could mean the difference between a Conservative or...

Global Round Up

A short round-up of interesting events taking place around the world. Australia by Param Berg Lock the Gate Alliance is a non-violent resistance movement born of...

Ghosts at the Feast

Arvind Howarth looks at the experiences of rough sleepers in Bristol’s town centre