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The challenge of pissing the right people off: inside Extinction Rebellion Bristol

Lots has been written about XR, with a mixture of admiration and irritation, hope for the future and concern about some of their methods. Here’s a look at how the Bristol branches work, and their plans for future actions.

Getting arrested in the name of the planet

Photos: Shutting down Broadmead to protest the environmental impact of fast fashion


Bristolians are blocking Oxford Circus

Around 400 people from Bristol are protesting in London and part of Extinction Rebellion.


One protest, two outcomes for Bristol anti-arms activists

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The sting: private investigators and spying on fracking and trade union activists

It’s show time for Bristol’s arms industry

Bristol arms companies will be promoting themselves in Cardiff on 28th March.

Rules for Bristol's radicals

The first of a series, Kat Wall reflects on social movements in Bristol – what works, and what are the barriers to progress?

Taking back money and power: action in St Pauls

How the St Pauls Community Rights Project is working together for action and change.

Fascists and Anti-Fascist activists clash in Stokes Croft

Last night saw unusual scenes in Stokes Croft when the extreme right-wing turned up.

Breaking a glass ceiling: young Somali women reflect on their political activism

An interview by Kevin Boylan, an Irish writer, performance artist and film director based in Bristol since 1998. With Joanne Ball  and Dan Hughes. (Illustration: Sharon...

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