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Air Pollution

Edition 20 Fight For Fair Air Banner Home Page

Farming’s devastating impact on urban air pollution

Fight For Fair Air Reports

Planning officers recommend APPROVAL of St Philip’s Marsh gas plant

Co-op Community Fight For Fair Air

Why Bristol needs to fight for fair air

Banner Home Page Edition 19 Features Fight For Fair Air

Changing gear: what next for cycling in Bristol?

Fight For Fair Air Banner Home Page Opinion

Opinion: Bristol’s leadership is failing to stop the city choking

Reports Fight For Fair Air Banner Home Page

Council admits Clean Air Plan won’t come into effect until 2020 earliest

Reports Fight For Fair Air

Air pollution action debated in Council’s budget-setting session

Reports Banner Home Page Fight For Fair Air

Clean air plan deadline set to be missed

Bristol And Beyond Fight For Fair Air Opinion

Opinion: We need our stoves

Co-op Community

Bristolians deserve clean air. Vote for this campaign to help make it happen.

Ideas And Action Opinion Fight For Fair Air

Opinion: Wood burning stoves are deadly, not trendy

Edition 18 Fight For Fair Air Features

How the air we breathe is a matter of equality

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