Fossil Fuels

Millions of fossil fuel investments in question ahead of Uni divestment vote

University of Bristol: “Sustainability is in everything we do”

Exclusive: Millions wiped off Avon Pension Fund fossil fuel investments

Major toll on pension fund.

What? Positive news from the Cable?!

A quick roundup of just *some* of the positive news from our glorious city over the past few months. Flick through the mag for the heavier stuff waiting to fill this page next time round…

Watch – Bristol Uni’s “Ethical investment policy”… £5.6m in fossil fuels?

Students, Councillors and the public call the UoB to divest from fossil fuel

Destination climate disaster … Via Bilbao

Mapping Bristol’s growing air traffic carbon footprint

The University of Bristol’s millions in fossil fuels… and what we can do about it

You can’t be green and invest in Shell...

An ethical minefield: Bristol University’s corporate partnerships.

What role should questionable industries play in publicly funded educational institutions?

Communicating climate change uncertainty

How can scientific study be told as a compelling human story?

Is your pension funding climate collapse?

The pension fund for the Avon area has over £36 million invested in fossil fuels..

Exclusive interactive: Bristol Uni’s (not so) Ethical Investments

Co-ordination, words and visualisation by Adam Cantwell-Corn. Research contributions by Dean Ayotte, Alon Aviram, Alec Saelens, Fiorella Jacobson, Arvind Howarth & Maria da Silva This...

The Data and Sources: Bristol Uni Investments

Data: These are the responses provided by the University of Bristol to the Bristol Cable via a Freedom of Information Request submitted 11.05.15 Endowment investments 30th...